The TIMP is Family-Friendly!
The First Test of Posture Needed for Daily Life Activities
Items on the TIMP have been shown to be related to the demands for movement placed on infants by their caregivers in natural interactions. For example, items reflect handling of infants that is common during diapering, carrying, dressing, and play between mother and infant.  See the Research page for a 2008 article by Goldstein and Campbell describing the educational value for African-American mothers of observing a TIMP performed on their baby. The new electronic version of the TIMP, the TIMP Online produces graphical results tracking longitudinal development for sharing with parents and other professionals.
Illustrations Educate Family Members About Infant Development
The TIMP test form is illustrated with photos of babies from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, as well as children with disabilities, so that parents can see what their baby can do now and what the next developmental steps should be.  See the Research page for a chapter by Zawacki and Campbell describing the use of the TIMP in developing home programs for infants with developmental delay. The  2004 TIMP Percentile Rank score sheet features a format for plotting results of repeated tests across time and in comparison with the performance of 990 U.S. infants.  The form makes results easy for parents to understand and is a convenient single sheet for entering into health records. For families of infants still residing in the NICU, the Discharge Care Path for parents provides a one-page summary of information needed by families to prepare to take their infant home. For more information on parent education regarding early recognition of movement disorders, visit the Pathways Awareness Foundation website .
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Learn More About Child Development and Rehabilitation from the TIMP Developers:
Used as both a core textbook in Physical Therapy (PT) programs and as a clinical reference, Physical Therapy for Children, 4th Edition , provides the essential information needed by PTs, both student and professional, when working with children.  Like the previous bestselling editions, the 4th edition follows the practice pattern categories of the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice and presents evidence-based coverage of treatment in a convenient and concise format.  Users will discover that the new edition features more case studies, revised chapters with additional information, video clips, including a demonstration of the Test of Infant Motor Performance and the Harris Infant Neuromotor Test , as well as resources for instructors, students, and clinicians on the Internet.