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Test of Infant Motor Performance
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Testing for a Better Tomorrow

The TIMP is a test of functional motor behavior in infants for use by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other health professionals in special care nurseries and early intervention or diagnostic follow-up settings.
Assessing the postural and selective control of movement needed for functional motor performance in early infancy.

Products for Pediatric Therapists

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    What is the Test of Infant Motor Performance?
    The TIMP can be used to assess infants between the ages of 34 weeks postconceptional age and 4 months post-term.
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    What is the Harris Infant Neuromotor Test?
    The HINT is a neuromotor screening test that can be used with low-risk (typically developing) or high-risk infants ranging in age from 2.5 to 12.5 months.
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    The TIMP Online
    You can learn the TIMP through our TIMP e-Learning Course. Featuring modules that cover all facets of the TIMP and is taught by our researchers.
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    Preterm Baby Journal
    A beautifully illustrated Journal just for babies born preterm! Help your families even more with our new baby journal designed specifically for families of infants born preterm, I just Couldn't Wait.